Wanna See JT? Our Dream Nashville Day With Justin Timberlake

Wanna See JT?

Those of us who are loyal fans of the President of Pop have seen him come a long way. His 11 year old countrified Star Search performance (complete with a 10-gallon hat), his childhood friendship with Ryan Gosling on The Mickey Mouse Club (yeah…that’s real), his days rocking bleach blonde Ramen Noodle-esque hair as a teen sensation, the time he wore a turtleneck in the woods and sang with such emotion (while surrounded by bubbles), all the way to when he brought Sexy back: we’ve loved it all, and we know you have too. So do you wanna see JT in Nashville?

To prepare your JT-lovin’ heart, we are giving you ideas on what to do with Timberlake when he comes to the ville’. So here it is: the best Nashville places to:

Show Him Off:
Morning Coffee At Fido

JT at Fido

He only wants a pinch of Sugar In The Raw in his latte. Just a pinch.


Fido is the place to be seen, y’all. Remember the Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal date heard round the world? If you walked into the Hillsboro Village hangout with Timberlake, it would be the stuff of legend. Taylor Swift’s mustard yellow scarf and a bearded Donny Darko? Erased from memory. Bonus: the line gets long in the morning, so more time to hang with Justin and engage in friendly banter over how early is too early to have a slice of their delicious carrot cake. Precious moments.


You roll in with JT on your arm, bathed in light. Sexy is back (not that it ever left Nashville, but it is definitely heightened). You stand in line with Justin under the glare of the iPhone cameras but are undisturbed, because Nashvillians are too cool to come up and say something while he’s picking out his breakfast muffin. He instagrams his coffee and tags you in it. He gets a casual call from Jay-Z, but says that Hova can wait. After all, it’s like you’re his mirror.

Have Some Real Talk:
Brisk Stroll Through Centennial Park


Cry Me A River, indeed.


There’s just something about those pathways. You walk past the Parthenon together, and things are gonna get REAL. Plus, there are plenty of places to park it when his dancing feet get tired (although his moves are usually hip-heavy, he’s got to preserve that dancin’ health). We all want to know what is really going on in that brilliant mind of his. Here’s your chance.


You briskly stroll through Centennial Park with Justin. Surprise! He has bread in his pocket, and you better believe he’s gonna feed those ducks. You sit on the steps of the Parthenon and look out at our lovely city, and it starts to make JT emotional. Why can’t he live in Nashville permanently? Well, you say, you can’t have it all, bro. He opens up about how much he misses his NSYNC bandmates (especially J.C., because they were a dream team). Then he cheers up and proceeds to teach you his secret friend handshake with Jimmy Fallon. YOU’RE IN. Prepare yourself for History of Rap pt. 5.

Get Justin Gram’d:
I Believe In Nashville Mural


We believe in you too, Timberlake. #nofilter


Yes, this mural is now a Nashville landmark. If you post a picture of JT in front of that mural with the Nashville filter, let’s be real: your mom won’t be the only one liking your pictures anymore. Get ready for the quadruple digit likes, friend, and check that Klout score. It’s gonna be through the roof. Also, BONUS – JT can pick up some good old fashioned Southern tea at Edley’s during your photoshoot break. He’s from Memphis – he knows his sweet tea, y’all.


You get a super cool snapshot of you and JT in tuxedo t-shirts. Hashtag suit and tie, obviously. And you know what? You’re so casual, you don’t even tag him. Of course you get an Instavid of Justin doing the Bye, Bye, Bye dance while you hold his Edley’s tea. After the VMA’s, he’s totally comfortable reenacting iconic moments in his career for anyone who will watch. He’s cool like that.

Carb Up Before The Big Show:


Take Back The Pie.


You’re hosting the man who opened up a restaurant chain called Southern Hospitality. He’s GOT to experience Monell’s. Not only that, but think about all that sangin’ he has to do soon. It’s been a lovely day, but he’s got to start getting serious about show prep. Time to carbo load. This also gives you a much-needed phone break, because the staff frowns upon phone use during mealtime.


You and JT are seated communally (that’s Monell’s thing), and start chatting up the locals. The table bonds over a shared love of mac and cheese, but you’re not intimidated by JT spreading some love to the rest of Nashville. You guys are BFFs. You catch him scribbling Nashville-inspired lyrics on a napkin in between dinner rolls – Nashville is his new artistic muse! The 20/20 Experience Pt. THREE – what, what! Both of you eat your weight in pie, but it’s totally fine because that Centennial Park power walk pre-burned all the calories (you guys kept a reaaaaally brisk pace). You take a pic with JT and the owner of Monell’s to go on the wall. You leave with a ton of complementary biscuits. You are living the high life.

Rock The Mic:
Karaoke at Santa’s Pub

You just know this dude knows all the words to Gangsta’s Paradise. (and Single Ladies, duh)


After he finishes dazzling everyone with The 20/20 Experience show (you were chilling front row, of course), Justin’s gonna need to unwind. What better place to do that than Santa’s Pub? The hole-in-the-wall bar has the most epic karaoke around, and tons of people have had the Santa’s experience. JT doesn’t want to be shown up by Ed Sheeran’s Nashville visit (he injured his hand and got it bandaged up by Santa himself). Plus, you can tell just by looking at the guy (or watching anything he has done on Fallon): he’s a karaoke gold mine. He can’t wait till’ he gets you on the floor, good lookin’.


JT buys everyone in the bar a round in exchange for 5 slots in the karaoke lineup for the night. You guys look over the songbook and decide on the perfect set list: Gangsta’s Paradise, Stayin’ Alive (prepare your Barry Gibb voice) , Single Ladies (“we’re the dancers“), I’m On A Boat, and finally…SexyBack. Drop the mic, YOU’RE OUT. And you’re a legend.

So get ready Nashville! Whether the dream scenario comes true or not (it totally will, right?), you could be rollin’ up to JT’s show with 2 VIP TICKETS on November 15th. And if you wanted to take us, we’d totally be down. Share the Wannado love and we’ll see you around town in that suit and tie!

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Wanna Drink? Your Guide To Nashville’s Coolest Bars

Sit down. Drank. Stand up. Drank.
We may not approve of Kendrick Lamar’s tips on alcohol consumption, but there’s no doubt that Nashville is a city that enjoys kickin’ back with a cold one! Whether you fancy an old-fashioned or a Mike’s Hard Lemonade (no judgement), this city is filled with really awesome bars. Need to find one that fits your specific needs? We thought so. So here it is…Wannado brings you the best bars to:

Channel Your Inner Rock Star:
Santa’s Pub

Photo Credit: Michael W. Bunch for the Nashville Scene

It’s a double-wide trailer owned by Santa. No, really.


Tucked away just past 8th on Bransford Avenue!


Make sure you hit the “want cash back” button next time you make your weekly Kroger trip, because this place is cash only. They also only serve beer, but there’s freedom in the simplicity – trust us.


Santa’s Pub is the stuff of Nashville legend. A double-wide psychadelic trailer, people come for the stories they’ll leave with. This place DELIVERS. Oh, does it deliver. The big draw is the karaoke. This isn’t the weird fancy karaoke where you rent a private room (what’s with that anyway?)…it is a true, communal, old-fashioned and slightly embarrassing karaoke session. Whether you see Drake Bell belting out “Proud To Be An American” with some locals or you participate in a group-sing of Benny and the Jets (is there anything in the world better than that?), you are going to have a good time. Make sure to grab a picture with the owner…you can’t miss him. Because he looks like Santa.

To Feel Like Jay Gatsby:
Patterson House

The Leonardo Dicaprio version, obviously.

Smack dab in the middle of Midtown, Old Sport.


Oh my stars, the list is so long. If you want to feel like you’re vacationing in The Hamptons with Leo himself (or Daisy Buchanan for the men, if you don’t mind a high maintenance lady), you have to get The Long Vacation! It is maybe the best drink in the whole world. No lie. They have food too, and it’s all good stuff! A little on the pricey side, but it’s worth it if you get those donuts. Those. Donuts. They’ll make you want to be a better person.


Nashville’s very own speakeasy, Patterson House is a place to go when you’re feeling swanky. The entryway is non-descript, and you enter through a velvet red curtain. Let’s face it, we all love a little added drama. Modeled after on-the-down-low Prohibition era bars, the place also looks like a big library! Low lighting, dramatic decor…everything your F. Scott Fitzgerald-loving heart could ever want.

To Catch The Big Game:
Sam’s All American Sports Grill

Beer and sports. The American Dream.

Hillsboro Village is the location we frequent, but they’re all over!


Go big or go home, y’all. Wing platter and a Yazoo Dos Perros (or 3). They don’t call us the Titans for nothing.


Sports fans are passionate people. Nashvillians are passionate people. Beer-lovers are passionate people. When you put it all together, you’ve got a room full of good-crazy people all cheering for the same cause (usually – an odd man out won’t get harrassed). The result is electrifying, and it’s no wonder Sam’s got voted as one of the top 16 bars in America to watch a game by Maxim Magazine. That’s the Nashville we know and love!

To Break Out Your Suspenders:
Holland House Bar & Refuge

Read up on those style blogs – their patrons are as fashionable as their drinks.

The place where the Warby Parker-wearers go…East Nashville, of course.


Well first off, you best check that happy hour. Dare we say it’s the best deal in town? Their small plates are to die for: try the kentucky mash, but most importantly, try the truffled frites. Ask for extra garlic aioli and brace yourself, because you haven’t experienced joy this pure. As far as drinks go, get the Chelsea Sidecar if you love a pink drink with sugar on the rim. Guys, don’t let that deter you – if you order it, we’ll all just marvel at how secure you are in your masculinity, because that drink is GOOD. For something a little stronger, the Manhattan hits the spot every time. Sweet and strong – best of both worlds!


Try that new thing with your hair that you saw on Pinterest, because Holland House is super fashionable. A lot of people look like they stepped out of some street photography. Tat sleeves, wing-tipped shoes, juke hair for days…it’s a nice view, y’all. But that’s not even the best part! The staff is wonderful. We were at the bar the day Justin Timberlake’s album was released; one mention of how badly we wanted to hear it and it was downloaded and on the loudspeakers. As long as they’ve got that suit and tie, we’ll be loyal customers.

To Catch Up With Friends:
The Red Door Saloon

Where “We should get together sometime!” actually happens.

Two places: Red Door Midtown (right by Patterson House, Tavern, Hattie B’s, etc.) and Red Door East (near 5 Points)


It’s a pretty standard bar menu, but they pour their drinks pretty strong. Try a classic well drink to jump start your catch-up chats! Don’t forget their happy hour (which you can find in the app) – 2 for 1 Tuesday nights!


We’ve all heard it. See a friend in passing and both of you feel the need to say: “We should totally grab a drink sometime! *sidehug*”. Take them to Red Door! You and your group of friends feeling a little disconnected? Send out that group text and tell em’ to meet you there in 5. This bar is always a good hang and is supportive of big groups! No nonsense, no frills, just good conversation under some red lights. And isn’t that what the bar experience should be about?

So make it a party, Nashville, and get your drink on (responsibly). After that 9 to 5 workday, you can catch us at any of the places above and more…there are way too many good bars in this town to name. Nashville problems. We love it!

Check out our list of happy hours in the app under the “Explore” tab for all kinds of drink specials! Because being an adult is hard, and sometimes you need to talk to some wine about it.